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£68 - Pre-order for 27th February 2075

A new type of phaser espiecally equipped to handle trouble in a matter of seconds by knocking the enemy unconscience. If ever needed, there are higher levels of power that increase intensity of the phaser beam. Such settings can cause bodily harm and are only for emergencies for self defence. Phasers are found on all Starfleet's Starships.

Type 3 Phaser

£90 - Pre-order for 1st February 2076

The type 3 phaser handles firing much easier in tough situations. Our phaser has the same settings on our original phasers but have a scope to allow for long range targets. Mostly recommended for on-land trips but original phasers can be still be used for close range.

Communicator Badge

£150 - Pre-order for 30th May 2050

The Starfleet Communicator badge allows all-round communication with your crew mates everywhere when in range. Current range lasts to around 1,000,000km.


£300 - Pre-order for 10th February 2250

Analysing data cannot be simpler with a Tricorder. It is able to sense many things our senses normally can't (unless it's a gut feeling *small laugh*). There are plenty of uses for a Tricorder that it's a no-brainer. Buy and you will never regret it

Medical Tricorder

£325 - Pre-order for 10th September 2250

Just when you thought a Tricorder could do everything, there's one thing it cannot do and that is advanced medical surveying. This Medical Tricorder will enhance your diagnosis quicker than a doctor from 2100. It even allows people to monitor themselves and others without much need of medical knowledge, but of course, it really helps when trying to cure the patient. The Medical Tricorder comes with a scanning device to make the scan directed at the patient and prevent background information from being detected, for example, your own heartbeat.

Starfleet Command Uniform

£175 - Buy now!

Once you put on this costume, you will feel powerful (and probably bold). Watch your closest team mates get jealous when you sit in your station. You've earnt it. Of course, instead, you could have a mutiny on your hands and you have just 'bought' youself into Starfleet. You might need to watch your back.

Starfleet Tactical Uniform

£160 - Buy now!

Tactical is a very important role in a Starship, with your costume, you help others feel safer around you. Of course buying this doesn't give you magical firing powers so you may want to practice a few rounds and buy the phaser too.

Starfleet Science Uniform

£160 - Buy now!

There is no better feeling than being able to solve the universes deepest secrets from solving illnesses to making teleportation and warp transportation possible. Of course, this uniform might make you feel less confident and outgoing unlike the people in command, however, your job is so much more important to everybodys lives. Everybody really knows who actually saves the day when it comes to science!


£160000 - Pre-order for 15th April 2200

Transportation has been terrible since the start of the combustion engine until now. This shuttle will allow you to travel to most places securely in a matter of hours to days in the comfort of a small cabin and the best of the replicator's catalog at your leisure. Perhaps you can play some music on the way or sociallise while enjoying your Klingon Blood Wine or more alcoholic, Romulan Ale.