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Welcome to our Council, Catch up with the latest news!

The next meeting of the Planning Committee will take place on Tuesday 26 March 2013 starting at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Cannards Grave Road. (agenda link below).

The next meetimg of the Town Council will take place on Wednesday 10 April 2013 at 7pm.

Members of the Public are welcome to attend and to participate in all the above meetings.

An Election for 2 Town Councillors for the West Ward will take place on 21 March 2013 (list of nominations attached below).

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The next meeting of the Town Council is scheduled for Tuesday 5 February 2013 starting at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Cannards Grave Road. (link to agenda and supporting documents below)
The next meeting of the Planning Committee will take place on Tuesday 19 February 2013 starting at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Cannards Grave Road. (agenda to be published)
Members of the Public are welcome to attend and to participate in all the above meetings.
There are currently 2 Vacancies for Town Councillors. Public Notice has been published as to the procedure and timescale to fill these vacancies.
Installation of underground lighting to the Market Cross and also upgrading of the Amenity Street Lighting in the Market Place, Town Street and adjoining areas is currently underway
The Council is currently reviewing unfortunate news of the closure of HM Prison at Shepton Mallet

The next meeting of the Planning Committee will take place on Tuesday 29 January 2013 starting at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Cannards Grave Road. (agenda to be published). The next meeting of the Town Council is scheduled for Tuesday 5 February 2013 starting at 7pm in the Council Chamber, Cannards Grave Road. (agenda to be published)

Members of the Public are welcome to attend and to participate in all the above meetings.

The Christmas Lighting displays are being removed 16 January 2013
Installation of underground lighting to the Market Cross is currently under way
The Council is currently review unfortunate news of the closure of HM Prison at Shepton Mallet

Useful Links:

Help us fix your street! here.

Visit Shepton Mallet's Townscape Heritage Initiative.

Free walking downloads here.

The Royal Bath & West Show, click here.

Google Maps, Find Shepton Mallet and get directions here.


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Community Grants

Community Grants are available and the Town Council budgets approximately £1,000 per annum for all such Grant Applications so please be aware that funds are restricted and demand is usually high. Prior to applying for a grant your should review the criteria requirement which sets out quite clearly the Principles and Priorities which are considered with each and every application. A further indication will be to view the listing of Previous Grants Awarded.

Grants are awarded to clubs, organisations and community groups that serve Shepton Mallet. The purpose of grants is to assist the Town Council to increase the opportunities for residents of the Town.

The Council operates two specific types of Community Grant Applications, one being a Minor Grant Application where the request is for below £100 with the form and detail being simplistic as we aim to make the process easy and as user friendly as possible. The second is a Major Grant Application which is used for all Community Grant Applications of over £100. The application form, detail and supporting information required is comprehensive and this type of application cannot be carried out online, although the Major Grant Application Form can be downloaded or your request can be made by email, the submission needs to be in hard copy format with all relevant supporting information attached. We do not accept online Major Grant Applications.

Once received your application will be acknowledged and considered at the next meeting of our Community Development Working Group which meets bi-monthly and then recommendations are put to the next meeting of the Town Council, so please be informed that our procedures may take up to three months for full consideration. You may be contacted by the Clerk of the Town Council to discuss your application should it be necessary.

Shepton’s Neighbourhood Plan; Your chance to influence how the town develops

The Town Council has committed to delivering a Neighbourhood Plan for the town.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a new way of helping local communities to influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. It can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for our town
  • Choose where additional new homes*, shops, offices and other development should be built
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces
  • Influence what new buildings should look like
  • Your local knowledge, and your sense of what needs to be protected and what needs to change, can really make a difference. Everyone in the community will be given the opportunity to get involved – residents, community organisations, businesses, landowners and others.

    The final Plan has to be successful at a referendum, so it needs to be supported by the majority of people in the town and include what they want to see improved, developed or protected.

    The Town Council is funding the engagement and plan drafting part of the process; and has appointed Matt Day of Somerset Towns Forum to deliver this. Mendip District Council has the responsibility to deliver the formal consultation, referendum and independent examination that are needed.

    Though instigated by the Town Council, the Plan will not be a Town Council-led document. It will be a community-led document that has weight (influence) on planning issues and applications for the next 10-15 years.

    The Town Council will also use the evidence from the Neighbourhood Plan engagement phase as it’s priorities.

    A Neighbourhood Plan can;

  • Add detail to Local Plan policies – i.e. what new homes should look like, what type of housing is required, where new facilities should go, what changes of use should be allowed etc.
  • Call for more development than is set out in the Local Plan
  • A Neighbourhood Plan cannot;

  • Conflict with the strategic (major) policies in the Local Plan prepared by Mendip District Council
  • Be used to prevent development that is included in the Local Plan
  • We’ve done all this before with the Community Plan – what’s different?

    The Community Plan (‘At A Crossroads’, 2006) had a wider view than just planning, but Community Plans cannot formally be part of the planning system.

    Neighbourhood Plans are new, form part of the planning system but have a more limited scope – only relating to those issues that planning deals with. However, we will be using ‘At A Crossroads’ as a key reference, so the knowledge gained from that will not be lost.

    Can we use the Neighbourhood Plan to argue against housing proposals in the Local Plan?

    No – this is not allowed under the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. However, it can be used to add detail to any proposals.

    You can get involved in the Neighbourhood Plan by;

  • Attending one of our events – these will be after Easter and well advertised.
  • Completing one of our feedback forms (soon to be added here).
  • Send an email to [email protected]
  • You can keep up to date with progress on the Plan on this website or on our Facebook page.

    We look forward to working with you to produce Shepton’s Neighbourhood Plan.

    Matt Day

    on behalf of the Project Team

    Shepton’s Neighbourhood Plan

    Although there is plenty to see and do in Shepton Mallet itself, there are many more attractions within a short drive. Further up-to-date information can be obtained from the Shepton Mallet Tourist Information Centre (01749) 345258.

    Kilver Court.   The gardens at Kilver Court were created by industrialist Ernest Jardine in the 1800s. Against the backdrop of the Charlton Viaduct further additions were made in the 1960s by the Chelsea gold medallist George Whitelegg and, more recently, by current owners Roger & Monty Saul.Open Daily.Cafe & Shop.

    East Somerset Railway, Cranmore (3 miles)
    This preserved railway was developed by the artist David Shepherd and includes outstanding examples of old steam locomotives which take visitors on regular short excursions during the summer and many weekends throughout the year.

    Cider Making
    There are many traditional farmhouse cider producers within a short distance of Shepton Mallet.

    Wookey Hole Caves, Wookey Hole, Nr Wells (7 miles)
    This major attraction features magnificent caves, a paper mill still making hand-made paper and many other associated attractions.

    Cheddar Gorge and Caves, Cheddar (12 miles)
    One of the most spectacular natural wonders of Britain, the Gorge also features impressive caves, walks and climbs.

    Longleat Estate (15 miles)
    The seat of the Marquess of Bath, this stately home is a popular attraction with its impressive Safari Park and magnificent art collection and gardens.

    Wells, England’s Smallest City (6 miles)
    The magnificent gothic Cathedral, Bishop’s Palace and Vicar’s Close, the oldest complete street in Europe, are the main attractions.

    Glastonbury (9 miles)
    The legendary resting place of King Arthur in Glastonbury Abbey ruins has made the town the mythology centre of the West Country with a wealth of New Age shops, restaurants and other attractions such as the Tor (522 feet), the Chalice Well and the Rural Life Museum .

    Street (11 miles)
    Often known as ‘Clarkstown’, such was the dependency on shoe maker C & J Clark, the town now features ‘Clark’s Village’, the first factory shopping complex in the country.

    Frome (12 miles)
    Frome has many historic buildings including those in Cheap Street and Catherine Hill.

    Goldenhart (Websites)

    Three Western Court, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5DQ

    Phone : 01749 347734

    Email : [email protected]

    Contact(s) : Mike Perry


    Tony Chinnock Driving Services (Taxi)


    Phone : 07703 068878

    Email : [email protected]

    Contact(s) : Tony Chinnock

    The Swan Inn (Pub)

    Town Street, Shepton

    Email : [email protected]

    Contact(s) : Ian Jarmaine


    The Town Council works in partnership with others to provide fixed events within each calendar year period. Please click on links for further information.

    Mendip Times & Mendip TV - Newsletter and online TV of local information

    Annual Town Meeting - Meeting of the Town's Community. Hosted, Chaired and Annual Reports / Accounts submitted by the Town Council

    May Fayre (Spring Bank Holiday Monday)

    Royal Bath and West Show (last weekend in May) - Other events held throughout the year

    Collett Festival (2nd Saturday in June)

    Mid Somerset Show - Shepton Mallet (3rd Saturday in August)

    Shepton Mallet Fun Run (1st Sunday in October)

    Illuminated Carnival (2nd Wednesday in November)

    Remembrance Parade (Sunday following 11th November)

    Christmas Lighting Switch On (3rd Friday in November)

    Christmas Extravaganza (December)

    For further information or to add a further Annual Event to this list please contacting the Town Council

    No Events are happening at the moment

    Age Concern (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 344012

    Alzheimer's Society (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 344774

    Amenity Trust (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 342788

    Arthritis Care (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 342852

    Association Of Breastfeeding Mothers (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 830483

    Baptist Church (Religion)

    Phone : 01373 302832

    Beacon Society (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 346755

    Britannia Carnival Club (Leisure)

    Phone : 01749 880719

    Brittle Bone Society (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 342651

    Carnival Committee (Leisure)

    Phone : 01749 342488

    Cat Action Trust (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 840293

    Cats' Protection League(Charity)

    Phone : 01749 840293

    Church Of England (Religion)

    St Peter And St Pauls

    Phone : 01749 342163

    Cranmore Cricket Club (Sport)

    Phone : 01749 346735

    CRUSE (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 344277

    Dorothy House Foundation (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 344263

    Endo Metriosis Support (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 840241

    Family History Society (Hobbies)

    Phone : 01749 890261

    Friends - Community Hospital (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 343015

    Friends - Windsor Day Hospital (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 343911

    Friends Of Bowlish School (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 344811

    Friends Of Shepton Mallet Cemetery (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 344747

    Gingerbread - Wells (Community Group)

    Phone : 01749 670938

    Happy Landings Animal Shelter (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 860350

    Help The Aged (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 343235

    Hillrisers Carnival Club (Community Group)

    Phone : 01749 345337

    Inner Wheel (Community Group)

    Phone : 01749 331306

    Lions (Community Group)

    Phone : 01749 343391

    Methodist Church (Religion)

    British Red Cross (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 343099

    Junior And Youth Red Cross (Charity)

    Phone : 01749 343099

    Roman Catholic Church (Religion)

    St Michaels Church, 6 Park Rd, Shepton Mallet, BA4 5BP

    Phone : 01749 342587


    Salvation Army (Religion)

    Phone : 01749 343168

    Shambles Carnival Club (Leisure)

    Phone : 01749 345292

    Shepton Mallet & District Wing Chun Fu Group

    Paul Street Community Rooms

    Phone : 01749 343016

    Email : [email protected]

    Contact(s) : Robert Mulliss






    Looking at the beauiful sky in the early winter when I was waiting for my bus.